Gadgets to Fight Cancer Naturally

Stepping into the world of cancer can be very overwhelming especially if you want to fight cancer naturally. You (or someone you love) have just been told that you are very sick and going to die if you do not treat NOW. You know or at least think you don’t want to go the conventional route but you have no idea where to start. And you probably have a ton of people in your life trying to convince you to just do what the doctor says. I was in such a daze at the beginning of my journey after diagnosis. I had no idea where to start. Luckily I had my husband and my daughter researching day and night for the right plan and protocols for me. They told me what to get, I got them. They told me what to do with them, I did them. I still use them almost daily over a year later and I’ve been in remission for months.

Why do you need gadgets to fight cancer naturally?

Gadgets for fighting cancer naturally can get a little pricey but they are essential to the short-term goal of killing lots of cancer cells fast to get you into remission as well as the long-term goal of keeping your body a hostile environment for cancer cell overgrowth. It’s one thing to say you’re not going to do chemo, radiation, or any of the other modern medical treatments once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. But making the leap into alternative and natural treatments is a whole other thing. It goes against the mainstream to reject what your doctor is telling you to do. Even if you ARE doing what your doctor tells you but you want to treat naturally too you can come up against some arguments and discouragement. My oncologist has told me that I’m technically in remission but that I am not doing anything to kill cancer cells in body. He refuses to acknowledge that what I am doing is working. So to heal your cancer naturally takes courage, stamina, maybe a good dose of stubbornness.

Keep your cancer on its toes!

Cancer cells are SMART and very adaptable. They are very good at finding a way to survive. I’m continually astounded by all the options there truly are for fighting cancer naturally. And the beautiful thing is – you don’t have to choose them all. In fact, you shouldn’t, there’s a mantra to remember for your battle to heal cancer. Keep your cancer on its toes. So your battle plan must include switching things up every few months. Once or twice a year switch up some of your supplements and detox protocols. Don’t always have the same juice and smoothie.

The Best Gadgets to fight cancer naturally

In this post I want to share with you some of the machines and gadgets that are going to set you up for success in healing your body of cancer. They are foundational tools to reclaim your health. I’ll link to what I consider the best product available but I am more concerned about you actually doing these things to help your body than I am about making a bigger commission. I am linking middle and lower grade products too.

What matters is that you USE it so if all you can afford is the cheaper product then do it!

Quick note

All of these things are amazing things to use and do if you’re wanting to prevent or reduce your risk of getting a cancer diagnosis.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I make a small commission if you purchase through my links, there is no extra cost to you. You can find our full disclosure here.

Juicers to fight cancer naturally


This one is KEY. Juicing daily is what is going to flood your system with an abundance of micro-nutrients. These nutrients are what is going to build your body and specifically your immune system to where it will kill the cancer cells. The best juicer you can get is a slow speed masticating kind. What that means is that the juicer will not get hot which would destroy a lot of the nutrients. It also will tear the vegetables apart almost like our own mouths would. This protects the nutrients from being overly oxidized which again would kill them.

I love the Omega brand juicers because they preserve so much of the nutrients but also because they are easy to use and rather quick to clean up (the trick is to clean it right after you use it even before you drink your juice, once that stuff dries then you’ve got to scrub a little).

Juicers to fight cancer naturally

Other Juicer Options

I heard this said and I completely agree, the best juicer to get is the one that you will use. If all you can afford right now is the cheaper, fast, centrifugal one then get it and USE IT. These destroy a good bit of the nutrients that you need and you get much less juice but they are better than not juicing. You cannot eat the amount of vegetables that your body needs right now so you really have to be juicing.

This is one of the most popular centrifugal juicers. I know people personally that use and love it.

Blenders to fight cancer naturally


Blending is where you’ll get more of your fruits in along with more vegetables. Juicing is extremely important but you will need to get some of the fiber in too. Blending helps add a little variety so you don’t get sick of all the juice and quit. You can make tons of really yummy smoothies. Or if you just can’t bring yourself to chew another huge salad, you can just add a little liquid and blend it up and it’ll be more like a soup and easier to get down.

Hands down the absolute best blender to get is a Vitamix. This is a professional grade gadget and will last for many many years. It gets things blended to such a palatable consistency and you can do so much with it. It can handle just about ANYTHING you put in it.

Next step down would have to be a Ninja. These are more affordable and are a good workhorse blender. My daughter has had her’s for several years now and she really likes it for the price point. Though when it dies she says she’s getting a Vitamix.

On the lower end is the good ole Hamilton Beach. This is the one I use because we chose to put more of our money into the best juicer. This little guy gets the job done well. You just have to add a few pieces of ice at a time and treat it with a little more patience but it hasn’t been a problem for me.

Water filters to fight cancer naturally

Water Filters

You will need to be drinking a lot of water to flush your system of the toxins that will be dying off rapidly. All water may be created equally but our municipalities put quite a bit of contaminants into it. So it is very important to get your water as clean as you can.

Berkey filters are the best you can get, they filter out everything and you can add on extra filters to get the fluoride out (please read this post about why fluoride is so bad for you). They come in different sizes so pick the one that best suits your family size and needs. They also have filters for tubs and showers, definitely look into those, they are fantastic helps for your body.

Other Water Filter Options

Again, it is so important to be drinking less toxic water so if all you can afford is this one then just get it and use it! But I would encourage you to plan to get a Berkey system or something equivalent in the future – something worth saving up for.

detoxing to fight cancer naturally

Coffee Enema Kit

Ugh, I know. But you can do this, it’s important for detoxing. Like I mentioned above, all the juicing, blending, and raw vegetable eating is going to be building up your immune system so dramatically that your body is going to be dumping toxins in massive amounts. You MUST get these toxins out on a regular (read: daily) basis or you are going to feel horrible. Please read my post (coming soon) on this to get a good grasp on the importance of this one. Long story short, this is essential if you want to fight cancer natu

I like this kit that comes with a stainless steel bucket. You will also need to get organic coffee.

exercise to fight cancer naturally


As soon as you can you should start rebounding. Basically it is jumping on a little trampoline. This is super important for lymphatic drainage. The lymph system is our garbage disposal system, it runs all over the body collecting toxins and delivers them to our cleaning system. Unfortunately if we have cancer that usually means our lymphatic system is not working properly or sufficiently. Rebounding is a gentle way to help this system work its best. Not all little trampolines are good rebounders but again, get what you can. The most important thing is to get up and move. This is a more affordable option that I use but if you can, get this one for optimal results (I’ve never used this one but another cancer warrior whom I follow does. You can read about his experience here.).

supplies to fight cancer naturally

Other Important Supplies

If you want to fight cancer naturally you’re going to need to get rid of some cheap items and replace them better and cleaner quality alternatives.
Plastic leaches out deadly chemicals that accumulate in our bodies. With all the drinking you’re going to be doing, it is important to not use plastic straws.

Use these stainless steel straws to avoid being polluted. A good large stainless steel or glass cup or two will avoid those pesky plastic chemicals too.

And these glass food storage containers (and of course the good ole glass jars too) should cover all the bases for ridding your kitchen of plastic and reduce your daily exposure to these problems.

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Your Gadgets to Fight Cancer Naturally

If you or someone you love have just been diagnosed with cancer I know you’re scared and overwhelmed. I know you’re confused as to what you should be doing and whether any of this even works. I can tell you that it HAS worked for me and for so many others. We are out there, you have a tribe of warriors battling this cancer war naturally. You are not alone! All of these gadgets are extremely important to your recovery. Insurance of course will not pay for any of it but do what you have to do to get this stuff as well as some of the supplements. This is a matter of life and death, health and disease and you CAN do this. So use this post to fill your cart and let Amazon deliver your battle tools right to your door and get fighting!

gadgets to fight cancer naturally

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