About Us

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog.  I’m nothing special except to my family, friends and God. I am 61 years old and a little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had a mastectomy and since then, I’ve treated my cancer holistically. I have not had radiation or chemo. I’ve elected not to take the Aromatase Inhibitors or do any of the other things that traditional modern medicine recommends. 

There’s a war going on right now about cancer.

One side cuts, poisons and burns the body containing the cancer, yet cancer continues to kill in record numbers.  Their success is low, often causing more cancer cells to take hold and grow over time and destroying healthy cells, meant to combat disease. They mean well, but they are losing the battle. Almost everyone has lost a loved one to cancer. The death rates continue to increase despite the money and resources thrown at it.

The other side believes that to address cancer, you must first deal with the root causes. Low immunity, inflammation, environmental toxins, high sugar diets and having a cancer personality are just a few of those causes. I’m on this side of the war.

Get equipped for the battle

Right now you have cancer cells in your body. They are quietly waiting on the perfect conditions to be established in your body, so they can attack.  Will you wait for the attack? Have you already been attacked?

“I’m more than a cancer survivor.”

So a lot of my blog is about what I’m doing to fight cancer naturally. I believe that God has provided all we need to combat this disease from the plants He created for us.

I’m more than a cancer survivor. I’m recovering from decades of alcohol abuse. I was once morbidly obese.  My prayer is that this site will be a blessing to others fighting this battle. I was blessed to have family who researched and helped me know what to do.

Simple life

I’ve been married to my best friend and high school sweetheart for over 40 years.  We have three grown children, three in-law children and nine grandchildren.  We live a quiet life in the country in the South with our numerous animals.  My horses bring me some of my greatest comfort.

My partner in crime

This is my youngest daughter Dana.  She handles all the behind-the-scenes details for the blog.  And because she is one of the main ones helping me learn and figure the natural route she will be popping in from time to time to share some additional information.  I’ll probably even get her to write some blogs posts for you guys – she’s good at answering all the “why’s”.  

Dana is married to our precious son-in-law and mother to four of our grandchildren.  They are a wild and crazy crew that live on their budding homestead in the country.  From there she homeschools all of them while working at her social media managing company Baker Media LLC which she co-owns with our daughter-in-law.